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If you told me last year that 2015 would be the year I would be diagnosed with cancer I either a) wouldn’t have believed you b) laughed in your face c) would’ve rolled my eyes at you. Because when it comes down to it there’s no way I could have cancer. The day I found out I had cancer I cried but after we left the doctors I just remember laughing so much. I was in complete shock and in disbelief.

Thyroid Cancer | Forth and Wild Blog

I have no words to describe 2015 other than intense. Everything has been so intense these past 4 months. Emotionally, physically, mentally intense. There has been a silver lining to all of this. It has made me a seriously stronger person and I’m thankful for that. Before all this I would dread blood work, needles, hospitals, doctors, etc. Now I can walk into a hospital alone, get my blood drawn, get a nose scope, ask important questions without feeling silly, and be proud knowing that I beat this awful disease.


Today I met with my surgeon for a follow up appointment. I was told my pathology report looked good. Despite my lump being 5cm (massive for a thyroid nodule) the cancer hadn’t spread into my lymph nodes. yay! I got the dreaded nose scope again, but hey, I survived and it was a lot better than the first time I got it. I guess that makes me officially cancer free but it still doesn’t really feel like it. There’s still a risk it will come back later in life and my risk of breast cancer has risen. It will be watch and wait kind of life from now on but I’m happy I have some great doctors on my side and regular check ups to catch anything early.

Thyroid Cancer | Forth and Wild Blog


I have a meeting with my Endo on Monday. Whether I get the RAI treatment is really up in the air right now. My surgeon said I could go either way with it. If I get the RAI it could kill any cancer cells left in me but it won’t necessarily stop any future cancer from coming back. If I don’t get the RAI I should be okay because thyroid cancer spreads really slowly. Because my lump was 5cm I’m kind of leaning towards wanting to get it just to be on the safe side. This is something I will have to talk to my Endo about on Monday. I would love not to be radioactive and in isolation for a few days but if it’s for my own good let’s do it!


So FINALLY my sterile tape feel off yesterday. I was SO scared to see my scar but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It’s a little more red in person, not the best photo. I love getting stares when I walk down the street, these people must think I was attacked with a knife or something, it’s great.

Thyroid Cancer | Forth and Wild Blog

I know I sound like a broken record at this point but do yourself a favour and check your neck and tell the people around you to do the same. Out of all the cancers never in a million years would I think I’d end up with thyroid cancer. Not only is it an extremely rare cancer, I don’t believe it runs in my family so who knows where it came from. Get your thyroid checked out at your next appointment and demand an ultrasound if you find anything unusual. And if you’ve been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer just know you will be okay. It’s a tough road but there’s an end to the road and things will get better.