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Snippets | Forth and Wild Blog

01- Christmas is in 4 days and it’s still super mild here in Toronto. While a little snow for Christmas would be nice, I can’t complain. I’ve only worn my winter jacket a few times and I’m still drinking iced coffee.

02- 2015 was a huge learning curve for freelancing. I’m still not sure if it’s something I want to keep doing, but hopefully 2016 will be the year I really figure out what it is I want. I’m incredibly grateful I could give it a try. 

Snippets | Forth and Wild Blog 03- If you’re looking for a free 2016 desk calendar you can download my adventure calendar here. It features 12 photos from our west coast road trip earlier this year.

04- 2015 was an amazing year for travel. I’m so thankful I got to explore so much of the US. I ended the year by going to Designer Vaca and it was so worth it. You can read about the experience here. Hopefully 2016 is just as good!

Talk soon, friends!