Snippets // 6


Hey friends! It’s almoooost the weekend, yay! I haven’t done a snippets post in awhile and so much has happened this year.

01– I’ve become OBSESSED with juicing this year. I love checking out all the juice places around Toronto. It’s an expensive habit, but at least it’s a healthy habit. I’ve been considering just buying a juicer but it’s just so much easier to buy it and drink it right then and there. Anyone have any good juicer recommendations?

02– A couple months ago I decided it was time to get some new business cards to go with my new business. I’m so happy I decided to go with the square cards, they are so fun and small.

03– I’ve made it a goal to check out more cafes around Toronto. If you’re ever in Toronto you should check out, Little Nicky’s they have the BEST mini donuts. Their coffee is also pretty delicious.

04– I designed a few motivational posters last week. You can download them for free here. Enjoy!