Snippets // 4

snippets 4

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend.

– This month I have given up all alcohol and I’m trying to drink more freshly squeezed juice. I will be writing a post at the end of the month about my booze free month broken down week by week. It’s been 12 days so far and I don’t miss alcohol at all! Have you decided to give up anything this month?

02– Earlier this month I put together my own creative space. I absolutely love sitting there and I get so much more work done compared to trying to get work done while sitting on the couch in front of the tv. Go figure. You can see the tour and shop the look here.

03– The weather this weekend was cold, cold, cold! I stayed in for most of it and kept warm, however I did manage to sneak out on Sunday and pick up a new book. I’ve heard really good things about, Creative, Inc and I can’t wait to learn some valuable tips from it.

The Be-Free Lance course starts today which should make this Monday a little better. I can’t wait to learn from the freelance queens, Bre and Jen. I will also be starting a new blog series on Wednesday called ‘Creative Insights’ so stay tuned!


  • I have that creative inc book too.. And we have matching day designers!! Woo hoo

    • day designer is the best!! yay for writing lists lol 🙂