Seattle City Guide

(Even though we officially started our trip in Vancouver I’ve decided to skip it because we only had part of a day there so we didn’t get to do / explore too much. I’ll write a Vancouver guide the next time I visit and can spend more time there.)

Do you ever pause for a moment, ignore everyone around you and stare in amazement while you’re on vacation? You’re visiting a place that you probably don’t know very well, a place you could get lost in easily, a place you may never visit again, but at that moment you are there taking it all in? I did that a lot on our trip. Sometimes it didn’t even feel real, like I wasn’t even there. It’s nice to put the phone and camera down and appreciate where you are in that moment.

Seattle is a beautiful city. With Mount Baker in the distance, the sun setting in the mountains, and the warm weather, I couldn’t have asked for a better view as we sat on the beautiful patio at our Airbnb, had a beer and talked about the adventures we had coming while on this trip.

Our Airbnb view

We decided to use Airbnb in a few cities and each one was a good experience, Seattle was one of them and we ended up staying hereThe space was a little tight for 4 grown adults but the patio/view made up for it. Our hosts were very friendly and gave us a ton of places to check out. The husband also had a big list of breweries for us to visit which was extremely helpful since we wanted to check out the local craft beer. It was about a 25 minute bus ride to Pike Place Market and all the touristy areas. Seattle also has Uber which made it convenient for the times when we didn’t want to use public transit.

Day one:

When we arrived in Seattle and dropped our bags off at our Airbnb we took an Uber down to Pike Place Market. By then the market was closed but we still wandered the area. We checked out the original Starbucks, then went to the oh so gross but kinda cool gum wall.

Afterwards we headed to the Pike Place Grill for dinner. It was right on the water and had a homey feel to it. The service was a little slow but the food was pretty decent. Jeff and I shared their beer flight and that was a wise decision. We are used to 3-5oz samples in flights but this was around 8oz and came with 6 different beers. The flight was a little on the expensive side at $18. It’d be nice if they brought down the sample size and charged around $9 for the flight.

After dinner we headed back to home to watch the sunset and then went to bed.

Day two:

We did a lot on our second day. We had breakfast at a place called, Vera’s near where we were staying, the breakfast was decent and cheap. We then headed back down to Pike Place Market to check it out while it was open. We saw the fish throwing at Pike Place Fish Co which was pretty neat to see. We then walked along the water and checked out a few small shops. Obviously we stopped for ice cream, Seattle was pretty toasty while we were there. We then went to see the Fremont troll and the Haunted Pop Machine.




After a long day of walking and exploring we visited Fremont Brewery to sample some of their beer. I highly recommend checking this place out. The space was large, the patio are was nice, they had free apples and pretzels to snack on, and most importantly the beer was delicious. We checked out a few more breweries on our walk home which are listed below. Overall it was a great day in Seattle, we saw a lot, walked a lot and slept like babies that night.


Pike Place Grill – Food was okay but the service was slow.
Vera’s – Good for cheap breakfast food. Was walking distance from our Airbnb.
Seattle Bay Creamery – Great place to cool off and the ice cream was delicious.

Overall I feel like we could’ve done a better job at finding places to eat in Seattle.


Fremont Brewery – Great place to check out. I Recommend getting the flight to try them all.
Hales Ales – Lots of beer to pick from and they also have pub food.
Maritime Pacific Brewery – Beer was decent but again the service was not the best.


Pike Place Market
Original Starbucks
Fremont Troll
Gum Wall
Haunted Pop Machine

With only two days in this city it was hard to see everything but we crossed a lot off our list and I would love to visit again someday. Do you have any Seattle recommendations?

Stay tuned for Portland!