I still can’t believe I’m having surgery on Friday. It doesn’t feel real but at the same time it feels very real. This week is going to be a mess. Jeff leaves Tuesday for a work trip and comes back Thursday so I plan on being outside of the apartment distracting myself for as long as possible. It’s when I sit at home that things start getting really stressful. 

My pre-admission appointment is Tuesday. I’m such an idiot. I thought it was Thursday and Jeff rescheduled his flight to get home early so he could come with me but I got the dates mixed up and it’s actually on Tuesday so I have to go alone. That’s not even a big deal, I’m more worried about finding the pre-admission part in the hospital. That place is a maze. I need to start writing out questions to ask the nurse so I don’t forget them when I’m there.

I found a great support group on the internet. If you’re going through thyca you definitely need to check out It’s a place where people going through thyroid cancer post their experience / ask questions. It’s so much better than trying to google answers and everyone is so nice. has also been a great place to get advice / share your story.

So, the one thing I’m actually REALLY scared for, go figure, is the drain tube that will most likely be placed in my chest after the surgery. I had one when I had my appendix out. It collects all the bacteria/bad stuff. I was really young when I had my appendix out but I remember my mom taking me to the doctors. I laid on the table and the nurse yanked the tube out of me. It honestly makes me cringe so much typing this out. I was only 7 years old but I remember that day because of the pain. The tube was so long and she just kept pulling and pulling while I was screaming aha, oh god. Not looking forward to that at all.

Is this nightmare over yet?