One Week Post Op

Today marks one week since my surgery. It should be noted that when I wrote my last blog post “Surgery Day” I was still quite high on drugs, I know this because I actually don’t remember writing that post at all or really anything that happened after the surgery :p.

I will continue blogging here when I feel like it’s necessary. To a lot of people reading this it probably won’t mean anything to you and that’s okay. I am mainly writing this for the people who found a lump recently, who were diagnosed with thyroid cancer, or people who just want to read something that is relatable to them. 

One week ago, early in the morning I was beyond scared. When we first got to the hospital and checked in, it all felt so surreal. After checking in I got changed into a hospital gown and was assigned a bed to wait the 2 hours before my surgery. That was the tough part. The 2 hours went by fast and slow. During that time a lot of nurses come up to you for different reasons. They all ask you the same questions to make sure they’re talking to the right person. It gets really annoying after awhile but it’s also comforting that they are so careful.

I met all 3 of my anesthesiologists before going in. Apparently I got 3 for the price of 1 that day. It helps meeting the people who’s one job is to keep you alive while you’re under. The older one was really nice, she was the one who gave me the Ativan after seeing me break down in tears hehe. While being wheeled to the operating room it was unreal. I couldn’t believe I was about to have surgery. How did it come to this? I remember the operating room being the last one at the end of the hall and it felt like forever to get there. A kind nurse who saw me crying my eyes out walked next to me and really comforted me for those few seconds. YOU GUYS, I AM SUCH A BABY! I don’t even care. Surgery is scary.

Basically what I remember is I got into the operating room, I shimmied over to the SUPER narrow operating table. So many people were in the room with me. I was honestly expecting like 5 at most but I swear there were 15-20. Everyone was talking and it was really hectic. Definitely didn’t help with my stress levels. One thing I remember so vividly was a lady standing at my feet preparing medicine of some sort, I just remember her holding this ginormous needle and then smiling and waving at me. LOL .. WHAT?! Your smile isn’t making the fact that you’re holding that massive needle any better, lady. After I was on the table I remember being strapped in, probably so I didn’t fall off the super narrow table. Once I was laying down it all happened so fast. The older lady anesthesiologist was standing next to me injecting something into my IV. I remember asking her what it was and she said Ativan in liquid form, but I don’t think it was because I remember feeling REALLY good, a wave of amazingness and then I was out. Pretty sure it was the anesthetic.

After surgery was all a blur. I remember waking up but all the drugs had me in a daze so everything is choppy. Apparently my surgeon came in to talk after the surgery, I couldn’t tell you one thing she told me lol.

I remember the day I was released I was so angry. I don’t even know at what. I can take a guess and say that I didn’t have a thyroid for 2 days and no medication to replace my hormones AND the after effects of anesthesia, all combined I was a mess.

I’ve been taking my thyroid replacement drug, Synthroid for a 5 days now. 125mcg. I’ve read it can take around 6 weeks for you to really feel the full effects of it. Good or bad, it’s different for everyone. It’s all about balancing your dosage and taking what works for you.

The first morning I took it I hated it so much. I was so angry and sore for my surgery. I couldn’t believe that this was my life from now on. I’m not a morning person either, and that’s when it’s recommended to take the pill. On the positive side, every day this week has gotten a little easier to deal with. It also helps that the pain is going away so I’m less miserable when I wake up. I know eventually it will just become so natural but right now it’s all so new. I feel like I’m waiting in limbo to see if my body will reject it or if it will really make my life a lot better. I’ve read A LOT about Synthroid and a lot of people don’t do well on it. It really doesn’t give me much hope.

My first week on Synthroid and I feel:

  • More energetic
  • Excited about life again ( this could also just be the fact that scary surgery is out of the way. )
  • The second day taking it I felt REALLY good. I was happy, hopeful, excited and just overall feeling amazing. I hadn’t felt like that in a long time.
  • Still have the same amount of hair loss as before the surgery. Synthroid is known for hair loss as a side effect so yay, totally not looking forward to losing more hair.
  • I can actually sleep now. I’m still a night owl but when I feel tired I can pass out soon after.
  • Thanks to having to take it in the morning I’m slowly becoming a morning person. A blessing in disguise I suppose.

It’s still early in the game but I can say I feel a lot better after my thyroidectomy. I really hope it stays like this. I’m absolutely terrified of the worst happening.

I really want to start working out again but I don’t want to strain my neck. It’s only been a week. I also don’t want to get the surgical tape that covers my incision sweaty and gross. It’s already starting to look a little grimy. I really want to see my scar and I also really don’t want to. When I had my lump I used to touch my neck so much, since my surgery I haven’t really at all. It will be so weird touching the area where the lump used to be. It will also probably make me really emotional so I’ve avoided it.

April 30th I have a follow up with my surgeon. I’ll be asking if she thinks I need the RAI treatment.

If you recently found a thyroid nodule, are about to have surgery, or just need someone to talk feel free to contact me through this blog, I’m more than happy to help 🙂