Office: Candle Obsession

Lately I’ve been obsessed with candles. Not just any candles, but candles that smell amazing and look pretty. They make great desk accessories and help improve your mood. Living a 5 minute walk from Anthropologie is dangerous and I have to force myself to not walk out with $50 in candles. My favourite thing to do at night is sit at my desk, plan blog posts, light a candle and just relax.


Here are 4 of my current favourites from left to right:

01Hopscotch Soy Candle 
02P.F Candle Co.
03Paddy Wax Tobacco & Patchouli 
04Capri Blue Constellation Candle

The struggle of deciding when to light them or to just keep them as they are is real.

Do you have any current favs? I’m always on the lookout!