Night Time Workout

I’ll be honest with you, I absolutely hate working out.

My afternoon HIIT workouts are literally the worst. I push myself for 30+ minutes, I sweat, I’m out of breath, and tbh I’d rather be doing anything else.

However, if I don’t get in a workout I feel awful and stressed out. So, I pick the lesser of the two evils and when I finish I always feel like a million dollars. Who knew. :p

When my thyroid basically stopped working I was gaining weight but I was also working out pretty consistently. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing weight and gave up hope. Pushing your self hard and not seeing results is draining and my motivation went out the window.

When my thyroid was removed and I was put on Synthroid my body went back to normal. The weight slowly came off even though I wasn’t working out as much as before.

Fast forward to March of this year when Jeff went to Japan for two months I decided to make it a goal to eat healthier and workout five days a week. To my surprise, I was actually seeing results. In six months I’ve lost around fifteen pounds and a bunch of inches. The shorts that fit me in the Spring are now too loose (kinda sad since I really liked those shorts but also super exciting.)

For the first time in forever, I have the motivation to workout. I’m not only thinner but I am stronger. I can do things I wasn’t able to do a year ago such as pushups and I can see definition in places I never thought I would, hello incoming abs!

So let’s dive into the point of this blog post, the night time routine.

As much as I hate working out I know that it’s a lifestyle now.  Instead of dreading it I thought of ways I could make it better and one of those things is including a night time workout.

I leave the intense HIIT workouts for the afternoons when I need a break from work and when I want to unwind from a stressful day I include a relaxing night workout. The workouts aren’t set in stone, sometimes it’s yoga, sometimes it’s strength training, it’s whatever I feel like at the moment.

The best part of the workout is turning the lights off, lighting a candle, and letting the stress melt away. If you are just starting out (trust me, I know how awful working out is when it’s all new to you) I suggest finding something that gets you motivated to do it.

I’ve had a few people reply to my Instagram stories asking me what I use to workout and my go-to is Fitness Blender. They have hundreds of free videos on Youtube and it’s the only thing I use. I will never be a gym person and plus these workouts are free and you don’t have to leave the house!

To give you an example I’ve posted my workout from last night.

Fitness Blender has these great 10 minute workouts. I decided to throw in a bunch that targets different areas.

After a quick warm up, I started with the 10-minute abs workout below.


Next up was the 10-minute yoga and pilates workout.

The 10-minute upper body workout was next in line.

And last but not least was the 100 Squat Challenge.


Music is a must and since it’s usually a calmer vibe at night I like the music to be less upbeat and more chill. Below is my current workout playlist. If you have any chill songs pass them my way!

This post is not sponsored by Fitness Blender they are just that great.