May Goals

Hey friends, remember me!? It’s been about 3 weeks since I decided to take some time away from the blogging world to prepare, rest, and heal from my surgery. It’s been a crazy 3 weeks but I’m happy to say I’m feeling back to normal again. I’ve missed blogging and I’m excited to get back into it.

I thought I would use my first post back to go over some of my May Goals.Β I can’t believe it’s already May, seriously though, wasn’t it January like.. yesterday? Since having my surgery I feel like I have A LOT more energy during the day, I can actually focus and stay awake, it’s a complete 360. This month I want to:


Since finding out about my thyca in January this whole year has kind of been blah and unmotivated. I haven’t really been putting 100% into networking my business and finding clients. I plan on working extra hard from here on out to make sure I can continue my freelance business and have a steady stream of money coming in from that.


Aside from getting back into blogging regularly I want to introduce new columns to keep my blog new and exciting. I also plan on bringing back my “Creative Insights” feature. I love interviewing other creatives and getting to know them better.

Get in shape

I’ve been extra lazy this year, again mainly because of my health. My thyroid made me constantly tired which resulted in me giving up on working out. Now that I have energy and drive I plan on working out at least 5 days a week again.

Online Stores

I’ve put my Etsy shop and online shop on the back burner lately. I want to at least put a solid few hours a week into creating new stuff and listing more items.

I’d love to hear your May goals!