Forth and Wild

I’m excited to finally announce that the, Forth and Wild website is now live! Head on over here to check it out.
It’s been quite the process and I am exhausted, but happy with the outcome. It’s definitely a work in process and a continuous learning experience.

I still have to work on the Services page and figure out contracts and pricing, but now that a majority of the site is done I can now focus on that fun stuff.

A few thoughts:

01– I plan on taking on new clients in November, until then I need to work out the gritty business details. I will also be networking and promoting up until then.
02– Keep an eye out on the blog for up coming projects, including process work and completed work
03– I’m currently dealing with a lot of self doubt. The whole idea of owning my own business sounds great but I’m terrified of it all. I honestly ask myself everyday, ‘what the frig am I doing with my life?’ It would be so much easier to just get a 9-5 job and go with the flow, but that thought alone makes me cringe and I never want to have to be in that situation again. Not because my last job wasn’t great, but because I definitely work better on my own, and love having my own creative freedom. I could probably write a whole post on self doubt but I’ll stop myself now.
04– If you see any errors or something isn’t working properly on the site, please let me know.
05– I’d love to collaborate with other creatives on various projects. If you’re interested feel free to get in touch at forthandwild [at]

Forth and Wild Projects

If anyone has any advice on freelancing I’m all ears!

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