Forth and Create Blog

If you read my blog regularly then you probably remember this post.  A few months ago I decided to start a blog about my freelance adventures and things I learned along the way, however something didn’t feel right about it. After a few months of thinking things over I decided I really wanted to avoid talking about freelancing, I felt like I could come up with something a little more valuable. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to teach people who know very little, or nothing, about design. If I’ve learned anything these past few years is that if it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. Try it out, experience it, and if it’s not your thing then move on to the next. fcI’m actually super pumped for this new adventure. Forth and Create will launch on Monday and I have some biiiiiig things planned for this blog baby. My main goal for Forth and Create is to help bloggers and website owners turn their blog into something they love. So often I come across a blog with great content but the design and layout is awful. A well designed blog / website is not only nice to look at but it creates easy eye movement for the reader.

Forth and Create is perfect for people who are:

– looking to spruce up their blog design
– looking to learn design tricks to avoid hiring someone to do it for them
– looking for blogging and or design advice
– looking for pre-made logos/design elements
– love freebies that include worksheets, ebooks, ecourses, and more to help grown their blog and brand

I plan to offer:

-high quality content that is valuable and useful to my reader
-a ton of freebies that will help you along the way
-webinars, periscopes, and, ebooks
-a weekly newsletter
-and online design courses

This is the real deal, yo. I’m looking forward to growing a community and connecting with you all.

In the meantime you can check out the site here / follow me here / and here.

If you’re not a designer is there anything you would love to learn for either your blog or website or even a personal project?