Font Find // + An Update

Lulo Clean
Lulo Clean
Lulo Clean
Lulo Clean

I would like to say, Happy Monday, but it’s hard when outside looks like this.  Hopefully it’s nicer looking where you are.

I haven’t written a Font Favourite post in awhile, and I came across Lulo so I thought I’d spread the font love with you.

Lulo was first released as a textured font and it was love at first sight. Although I do love a good textured font, sometimes it’s not appropriate for a project you are working on, so when they released Lulo Clean, I fell in love all over again.  The best part is Lulo Clean is on sale for 82% off , which makes it only $9. You can get the textured version for regular price at $49, which is still a good price for what you get.

Now a little update on life.

I’m happy to announce that I’m 99% ready to start accepting new clients. The 1% is the dreaded contracts I need to finish.

Last Wednesday I couldn’t sleep and I was up until 6am working on my site. I decided to play around with my logo, because even though I liked my original, something was sitting right with me and I thought it could be better. I tried a few different options, completely opposite of what I had, and then I came to something where it just felt right. I mocked it up on my site, and my blog and I knew that I had to change it, especially before making business cards.

I also changed up the site template to something a little more visually appealing and it was like all the pieces fell into place. I am so happy with what it has turned into, even though it looks different, it was for the best. Sometimes staying up until 6am has its benefits.

So with that I will be opening shop this week after I finish my contracts. Stay tuned!

Jen Serafini wrote a great post called, “Never fall in love with your first idea” and as freelancers that’s important to remember.