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Cask Days

The 10th annual Casks Days is fast approaching! For those who aren’t familiar, Cask Days is an annual event that features over 300 cask beers from all over the world.  You can read all about cask beer here if you’re asking yourself, “what’s cask beer?”


Last year was my first time going and the photos in this post are all from then. It was such a good atmosphere and vibe, I had a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to this years. As someone who LOVES and supports craft beer, this event is like Christmas morning for me.

Here are my top 10 beers on my, must try list. I actually have like 30 must try beers, but my liver might not be able to handle that much :p

01- Flying Monkey’s – Drunk By Chocolate – Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Stout
02- Parallel 49 – Salty Scot – Sea Salted Caramel Scottish Ale
03- Wild Rose – Vanilla Bourbon Porter – Robust Porter with Vanilla Beans
04- Bellwoods – Skeleton Key – Spiced Imperial Stout Aged in Rum Barrels
05- Beer Academy – A Twat I Taw A Puddy Tat – Quadruple with Vanilla Beans
06- Get Well x Innocente Brewing – Wasabi Chocolate Porter – Robust Porter
07- Liberty Village x Toronto Brewing – Brett On The Beach – Pina Colada Brett IPA
08- Sawdust City – Blood Of Cthulhu – Imperial Stout with Cranberries, Raspberries, and Cherries
09- Liberty Village – Double Gummi Bear – Double APA
10- Niagara Oast! – Purple Drank – Fruit Beer




And we can’t forget the ciders.

My top 3 are:

01- Pommies  – Ole! – Cinnamon Tequila Spiked Cider
02- West Avenue – Barrett Fuller’s Secret – Bourbon Barrel Aged
03- West Avenue – Smash Me Up Butternut – Pumpkin Cider

Let me know if you will be attending the 1-6 pm session 2.