Creative Insights: Brooke Fiorillo


Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I’m so happy to have Brooke from honestly, b on the blog. I love the work she did for, The Safari Collective, and her lettering is my favourite. When she’s not designing you can find her creating some great content for her blog including fashion, travel, recipes, freebies, and more. I can wait to make this


Tell us a little bit about your business and what it means to you?

I’m a freelance graphic designer, letterer and blogger. I recently went freelance full time after dreaming about it and working my way to it for a while! I’m running the business out of my blog name, “honestly, b.” since I had already established that as my brand.

What is one daily ritual you can’t live without?

Definitely a slow and relaxing morning. I don’t like to start working as soon as I wake up. I like to ease into my day with a good breakfast and some hot lemon water. I feel like that sets me up for a positive day! Also, I always take a break for a walk or yoga class.


When you’re not creating where can we find you?

Probably outside! I love spending time hiking or walking along the beach with my husband any time of year.

What do you struggle with most when it comes to running your own business?

Probably with trying not to compare myself with others. I try my best to stay focused on my own tasks and remind myself that with hard work I will get to where I want to be. It’s not a competition or a race.


What’s one business goal you hope to achieve in 2015?

Opening my online shop! It’s been in the works for a couple months now. There’s so many little things that go into making it happen, so I’ve had to be patient! Hopefully it will be up and running in a month or so.

How do you treat yourself?

I love treating myself to a hot beverage in the afternoon. I opt for a chai tea latte, a vanilla steamer or my homemade hot cacao.


Any tips for staying organized? Do you have any project management tools you can’t live without?

Just be on top of your finances! I really love QuickBooks. As soon as I make a business purchase or receive a payment I enter it in. During tax time it’s so easy to print a one sheet recap and bring it to your meeting.

Favourite part of living in Southport, Connecticut? Any favourite coffee shops / restaurants?

I feel so blessed every single day to live where I do. We have 5 beaches in our town alone and a bunch of fun restaurants and bars. I have great shops all around me. I’d say my favorite place is Terrain. We go there for coffee, dinner or brunch and they have the most beautiful home and garden items!


A genie grants you 3 wishes for your business, what are they?

01- That my business inspires others.
02- Part of the money I make from my business can go to helping others.
03- That I never lose sight of who I am and my business remains an honest representation of myself.


Do you have any tips for someone wanting to get into graphic design?

Practice! Take classes, do online courses from sites such as Skillshare and create your own style. There is nothing wrong with being self-taught, especially when there are so many online tools to help guide you

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  • Thanks so much for having me on your wonderful blog, Meagen! It was such an honor to take part in this feature 🙂