August Goals

A new month brings a fresh start to different aspects of your life whether it’s work, health, or spiritual related. This month I’ve decided to write out a list of goals I hope to achieve by the end of the month.

  • Complete this 4-week core program for abs. Fitness Blender is my go-to for home workouts. They have a tonne of free videos on Youtube so I don’t mind dropping $10 on a program that will keep me on track while supporting them.
  • Write in my 5-Minute Journal again every morning before beginning my day.
  • Write in my 52 Lists journal every night before bed.
  • Read two books.
  • Spend less money on coffee and material items.
  • Give up foods with processed sugars. This will be really hard for me. (I had two chocolate bars today :o) My birthday is in August though so I might have to have a cheat day. :p
  • Drink a tonne of water and less coffee.
  • Spend less time online.
  • Complete this 30-day yoga challenge. There are a few days I won’t be in town this month but I hope to complete the 30 days in 44 days. :p

July has been an insanely stressful and emotional month for me so I look forward to August being a more chill month with lots of focus on mental and health aspects in my life.

Check back at the end of August for a progress report on how I did.

If you have any August goals I’d love to hear them in the comment section.