30 Things I’ve learned Leading Up To 30

I said goodbye to my twenties on August 8th and the good news is I still feel 29, hooray! I was lucky enough to spend my 30th exploring The Joshua Tree and celebrating the night in Vegas. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

They say your 30’s are far better than your 20’s so I look forward to better years ahead. Looking back my twenties were quite the adventure. In that decade I moved to Toronto, went to college, made some lifelong friends, lost some friends, experienced heartbreak, lived on my own, got my first 9-5 graphic design job, quit said job to go freelance, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, had surgery, and a whole lot in between.

Below is a list of 30 things I’ve learned leading up to 30. I’ll admit I’m still struggling with a few of these:

1. Stop apologizing for things you shouldn’t be sorry for.
2. Hold on to the friends you have. It’s not easy making new friends as you get older.
3. You don’t have to like everyone. Get rid of the toxic people in your life.
4. Enjoy each day even if it’s a bad one. Time flies the older you get.
5. Hold on to the special moments and enjoy the good times.
6. Be thankful for the life you have.
7. If you don’t like something change it.
8. Don’t be late when paying your bills.
9. Take time for yourself.
10. Never stop learning.
11. Just be happy.
12. Act your age. Immaturity is not sexy.
13. Be nice to strangers.
14. Don’t judge people especially without knowing them.
15. Be mindful with what you post online.
16. See as much as the world as you can.
17. If someone compliments you, take it and say thank you.
18. Don’t expect everyone to like you.
19. Treat yo self.
20. Add exercise into your daily routine.
21. Cook more and eat out less.
22. Have meaningful conversations and listen when you’re spoken to.
23. If you find a good love hold on to it.
24. Don’t hold grudges.
25. Try something that scares you.
26. Drink more water.
27. Live in the present.
28. Spend more time outside and less on the computer.
29. Don’t live in regret.
30. Most importantly, take care of yourself.  Don’t take your health for granted.

Would you add anything to the list?


  • Alicia Paulich

    amen. great list. i definitely still need to work on a few of those 🙂 we miss you two !!

    • Meagen Higginbottom

      Thanks Alicia! We miss you tooo!!!!