2016 Goals

I’ve always disliked the word, resolution. I think it’s silly people need to wait until January 1st to start working on themselves. Instead of using that awful word I prefer setting goals. Instead of saying, I’m going to start eating healthy January 1st why not start eating healthy right at that moment and make it your goal to continue eating healthy throughout the new year. It seems way less intimidating and more doable.

With that I give you my 2016 goals:


2015 was amazing for travel. I still can’t believe I got to travel and see everything that I did. I truly believe travel makes you a better, more rounded person. I hate flying but if it means I get to go somewhere new or exciting you can bet that I will put that hate aside and hop on the next flight. We have a trip planned out for the end of March and I’ll be seeing new places and experiencing new things and I cannot wait. If I can afford it I would also love to attend Designer Vaca again.


2014-2015 I got to experience freelancing and learn the curves. I can’t really say it’s been successful or something I’m passionate about doing, but I’ve learned a lot from it. I have a few ideas brewing in my head for something new and I’m excited to share that with you guys soon.


How much of the day is spent worrying about tomorrow or what happened yesterday? Probably too much to be honest. My goal is to start focusing on each day and try not to stress out about what is going to happen in a week or worry about things that I can’t control. All those worries take up so much of my day and adds unnecessary stress to my life. This goal will probably be the hardest for me as I tend to worry about everything and it’s probably the reason I have so much trouble sleeping at night.


As much as I love my daily Starbucks coffee or eating out when I’m too lazy to make food, it’s my goal to cut back a lot. If I looked at how much I spent on food and drinks in 2015 I would probably cry and go into shock. My goal is to make Starbucks a treat once or twice a week rather than 5 times a week and only eat out once a month rather than 5. This also applies to online shopping and buying things I just don’t need. I lied, this one will probably be the hardest one to accomplish.


After forcing myself to meet new people at Designer Vaca I walked away with some great friends who are like-minded and also designers. It’s really nice having people to talk to who ‘get you.’ I would love to attend local design events, possibly set up a local event myself, the possibilities are endless.

Do you have any 2016 goals planned?

  • I want to go to designer vaca too if I can afford it! Maybe we can go together ☺️

    • omg yes! that would be amazing 🙂

  • I’m with you on spending less on things! I’m working towards the mindset of “less, but better” to focus on what matters, like achieving business/personal goals. My first year full time working for myself felt a little disjointed and aimless, so I’m hoping to pair down my services and focus on what I know I’m great at doing.

    • That sounds perfect! My first year was a little off but I think it was because I was still learning what I liked and didn’t so I’m hoping this year is a little more on track. Happy new year!

  • Carissa Knapp

    I’m with you on living in the moment! It’s one of the hardest things but I’m with ya! These are awesome goals!

    • Thanks Carissa! Happy new year.