Finding Balance


My 2017 word is balance.

My goal is to find balance in my day between work and personal time.

I’ve come to realize that if I’m not constantly working on client projects I feel really bad and like I’m wasting time. I’m a huge people pleaser which means I rarely allow myself to take personal time.

Working from home is hard. It’s difficult to set proper working hours and stick to them. I find myself working on client projects until 1amΒ most nights. My schedule is all over the place and it stresses. me. out.

This year I plan on sticking to a schedule. My goals are:

  1. No client work past 6pm
  2. Fit in a workout Monday – Friday
  3. Spend my nights building my Forth and Create business. I haven’t had time to make any future plans for it. πŸ™
  4. I have a horrible habit of waking up, grabbing my phone, and checking my email account. I need to learn how to ditch the morning emails and build a less-stressful morning routine. My goal is to wake up, journalΒ in my new Five Minute Journal(wahoo!), go over what I need to accomplish for the day, and then slowly dive into my inbox.
  5. Another horrible habit I have is taking on any client work that comes my way. I need to learn how to say no and only work on projects I love.

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with resolutions and goals, I know I get stressed out thinking of all the things I need to change and work on. By building a daily routine and finding balance in my life I hope it reduces unwanted stress and allows me to feel confident and accomplished.

What are your 2017 goals?


Wild Mix No. 10

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Thyca Month

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City Guide: Vancouver

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31 Things

I recently turned 31. When did this happen, how did this happen, I don’t even know, but it did. So I’ve decided to write a cliche, 31 things about me, post:

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Wild Mix No. 9

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I’m so happy April is behind us. I came back from our trip motivated and excited to get back to work, but that came and went almost instantly. There were days I didn’t feel like myself, I found myself anxious and unsure. Pressure headaches, stomach pains, and a lot of self doubt took up my…

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A Much Needed Break

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Snippets // 9

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Brush Inspiration

Lately I’ve gotten into brush lettering, I find it super relaxing and calming. Below are some up close shots of some of my recent work. So far I’ve only played around with ink and gouache. Watercolour is next on my list. Do you have any favourite mediums?

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